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The Challenge

In Prince George's County, Maryland

The Number of People Incarcerated in 2016


The Rate of Recidivism in 2016

The Current Cost Per Year Per Person Reincarcerated

The Solution

Wait Up! decreases the probability of recidivism by:

Offering a nationally certified job-training program within the hospitality industry that provides a career pathway for returning citizens. Employers then are able to interview pre-screened candidates from our program to fill available positions.
Partnering with financial institutions to offer financial literacy workshops and asset development (funding higher education, owning a car or home, having a savings account, getting/repairing credit) to promote both short and long term success for returning citizens.
Increasing the employ-ability of returning citizens through soft skills development, higher order thinking skills and basic computer skills. Program participants gain the knowledge, attitudes, and skills to bolster their confidence in changing the path of their life.