Our Goals

Change is Possible

Wait Up!  aims to affirm, inspire, transform and uplift people by offering a pathway to a better quality of life. We provide supportive services to job seekers with justice involvement to enable them to become productive citizens by demonstrating the following program goals:

Short-Term Goals

  • Creating a balance between academic and experiential learning.
  • Conduct 10 cohorts yearly with an enrollment of 200 ex-offenders.
  • 75% returning citizens will complete the training and develop individual employment plans.
  • 50% of those who complete the program will obtain employment.
  • 60% of those who obtain employment will maintain employment for at least three months.

Long-Term Goals

  • Long-term, consistent involvement with labor market to result in horizontal or upward mobility within labor market.
  • Remaining consistently and legally employed even if not at original placement location.
  • Increase the depth of training to build the skills and knowledge base of the workforce development within the hospitality industry for returning citizens and those in transition while interrupting the cycle of repeat offending by providing viable employment prospects.
  • Expand collaborative industry-specific outreach and communication with local employers, faith-based organizations, and state, local and federal governments to provide wrap-around services by recognizing the impact of workforce development on the returning citizens as a critical step to ensuring transformation of lives and encouraging self- sufficiency.