Our Values

Change is Possible

Wait Up!  aims to affirm, inspire, transform and uplift people by offering a pathway to a better quality of life. We provide supportive services to job seekers with justice involvement to enable them to become productive citizens by demonstrating the following program values:


We treat one another with dignity and fairness. We appreciate the diversity of our workforce, the special needs of our participants, and the uniqueness of each employee.


We build confidence and collaboration through teamwork, open communication, and alliances with others who share our vision.

Power of Work

We believe in the power of work to transform lives, provide individuals with independence and dignity, and improve the quality of life in our communities.


We believe in a holistic and sustainable approach to developing our students.


We believe in operational excellence by positively transforming lives and sustained systemic change.


We believe in elevating individuals by offering an alternative to incarceration.


We believe in the power of people to change.